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The Limit Nation Basketball Training staff has worked out NBA All-Stars, College All-Americans, High School All-Americans, as well as International Professionals. Our workouts, however, are not limited to only elite players but rather a wide range of athletic levels and abilities. We have a passion for developing players at all skill levels as long as they have an intense desire to improve and strive to achieve personal aspirations.

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All of the Ganon Baker Nation of Skills trainers go through an extensive certification process. This includes online course instruction, live classroom and court instruction, practicum experience with Ganon and Ganon Baker Basketball staff, and personal experience and application.


“ShotTracker is a huge innovation for the sport of
basketball. Repetition, accountability and confidence
make great shooters, and ShotTracker delivers all three.”

Klay Thompson NBA World Champion/2016-NBA 3Point Champion

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Our database bridges the gap between athletes and recruiters everywhere. Athletes’ IMP profiles showcase their talents and achievements—famous or not—providing coaches, recruiters, scouts and managers an in-depth, legitimate and centralized tool for discovering new talents


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